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6" 8" 10" Preserved Boxwood Wreath Candle Ring-Extra Thick-Greenery Candle Ring-Farmhouse Home Decor-Green Spring Candle Rings


6" 8" 10" Preserved Boxwood Wreath Candle Ring-Extra Thick-Greenery Candle Ring-Farmhouse Home Decor-Green Christmas Candle Rings

🌳 Newly designed to be extra full with a wider boxwood width/girth on a sturdy grapevine base, these mini boxwood wreaths make perfect rustic candle rings. They are very versatile and can also be used by hanging them in your favorite spot - on your kitchen cabinets, on a mirror, over a window, on a chair back or you name it. They are just the perfect touch of deep green and go with any decor and can be used year round! 3 sizes to choose from below.

‼️ ‼️ ✍🏻 PLEASE NOTE: These boxwood wreaths are made from preserved boxwood cuttings and are NOT INTENDED FOR OUTDOOR USE or exposure to extreme wet or dry conditions.

💧💦 They will last indefinitely indoors and just needs a little help from you to give it a mist of water every 6 weeks or so to keep looking beautiful!

• 📏 Finished size - Choose from 6", 8" and 10" outside diameter at checkout (measured tip to tip of the outermost foliage of the wreath). Inside diameter, girth (thickness around the wreath) measurements and candle size recommendations for each are as follows:
6" Outside Diameter/3.25" Inside Diameter of grapevine base/2.5" Inside Diameter tip to tip of the foliage /1.5" Girth (will fit up to a 3" candle nicely)
8" Outside Diameter/4.5" Inside Diameter of grapevine base/3.5" Inside Diameter tip to tip of the foliage//2" Girth (will fit up to a 4" candle nicely)
10" Outside Diameter/6.5" Inside Diameter of grapevine base/5" Inside Diameter tip to tip of the foliage/2.5" Girth (will fit up to a 6" candle nicely)
• ③ Boxwood is on 3 sides of the wreath atop a grapevine base. There is a wire attached to the back for quick and easy hanging if you would rather use it as a wreath
• 👐🏾 Each will vary just slightly due to the handmade nature and natural material
• Candle & accessories are not included - sorry ☹️

Please ask! We are very responsive and happy to help!

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