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Moss and Leaf Balls-CHOOSE 6" or 9"-Decorative Ball-Decorative Balls for Bowls-Bowl Fillers-Moss Ball-Moss Balls-Farmhouse-Moss Ball Decor


Moss Balls-CHOOSE 6" or 9"-Decorative Ball-Decorative Balls for Bowls-Bowl Fillers-Moss Ball-Moss Balls-Farmhouse Decor-Moss Ball Decor-Moss Decor Ball-Farmhouse Table Decor-Vase Filler-Vase Filler Balls

🌳 A unique and different twist on the traditional moss ball, these decorative balls have both moss and leaves for a very natural and rustic look!

Moss balls can be used in so many ways. They make easy, beautiful home accents - Just toss them in any bowl or vase as a filler for an instant centerpiece or add to a tray or glass lantern. They look lovely all year long! They also make beautiful wedding decor!

• 📏 SIZE - Choose from 6" or 9" diameter at checkout
‼️ ‼️ ✍🏻 PLEASE NOTE: Slight shedding may occur when handling
• 👐🏾 Each will vary just slightly in size and material placement due to the natural material and handmade nature

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